Backyard Kitchen + Brew Manila Review | UP Town Center

For almost a week I was once again under house arrest but this time due to a dental surgery. My wisdom teeth shouldn’t have come out with my age but one day it decided to push my second molar causing it to be very sensitive and bothersome that I had to have it removed.

I could barely open my mouth to talk and Jason found that amusing. (WHAT! hehe) It was pretty much a one way conversation during that time.

My left jaw and cheek swelled like I stuffed and hid one too many marshmallows. Our dentist friend Doc Louie told me that I probably didn’t ice it as instructed. Jason woke up to 4 mornings with a stranger beside him because I looked different with my swollen jaw. He would tell me during those mornings that I wasn’t allowed to eat in bed, why was I hiding food in my mouth? Har har har. :p

I slept early for around 3 days eager to wake up and see if my left jaw has shrunk to its normal size but unfortunately it would smugly look back at me like a puffy black eye.

So on the fifth day I opened my eyes and I can finally see my jaw bone again and talk much more than the past days. We can finally have some quality time.

He suggested we try Backyard Kitchen + Brew Manila in UP Town Center.

We got there around 6:15 on a Saturday night and we were glad to arrive early since when we left there were a few people waiting to be seated outside.

The place was a concept we liked. We appreciated the interiors with their wooden finishing. It was a no fuss laid back place where families and friends could enjoy. There was also sports on TV which Jason find ok for guys. The music wasn’t blaring so we could still converse with each other.

There were a few choices on the menu which was more than fine with me. If there were a lot it would just trigger my fickle mindedness.

Jason got the Slow-Roasted Pork Belly (Php 275)

2015-03-21 18.49.33

It was slow roasted BBQ Rubbed Pork Belly, papaya slaw, homemade rhum coke bbq sauce with either mac and cheese or rice. Ironically, we got our order pretty fast though it claimed to be slow-roasted.

 I got to taste the pork belly and it was very soft to the bite – it was just right for the condition that I was in. I couldn’t chew on hard food yet and I was just using the set of teeth on my right. I hardly tasted the rhum and the bbq sauce was not too sweet. This particular order was good for 1 so I just had a bite of it.

2015-03-21 18.49.54

I, on the other hand got their 4 Cheese and Truffle Garlic Flat Bread (Php 275). The cheeses in this dish were mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta and bleu.

2015-03-21 18.59.21

This was good for 2 if you have other orders lined up, but otherwise this can also be good for 1. I liked how the bleu cheese was evenly distributed as it added that sharp flavor to every slice. Much of the bleu cheese will be unappetizing but a few of it brought a shapely personality to this flat bread.

Overall we were satisfied with our dining experience here in Backyard Kitchen and Brew Manila. And I’m also glad that this was the restaurant we picked after a few days of hiatus.

During those silent days, it was actually humbling to have my wisdom teeth pulled out. It’s not so bad not to say my peace after all. I couldn’t give my insight immediately so it taught me how to process and understand my husband better before giving my POV. It’s not so bad after all.

We sealed the experience with quality time. It was comfort dinner with the comfort of finally having a two way conversation with each other. :p (Much to my amusement, much to his dismay :p) just kidding 🙂

2015-03-21 20.32.05


Backyard Kitchen and Brew Manila

2nd Floor UP Town Center