Misibis Bay Review Part 1: The Resort and the room | Legazpi, Albay

For our late anniversary celebration, my husband and I decided to go to my grandfather’s hometown in Legazpi Albay. We were so happy that Misibis Bay had a promo! We’ve wanted to visit Misibis Bay but we wanted to wait until the price is reasonable… around 3 years later. 🙂 We are practicing budgeting, delayed gratification and we are glad we waited! We saved 67% for the room rate.

The thing with Misibis Bay is that it is exclusive that there is no other way to get there but thru their private transfer. So we did save on the room rate but there were also some ++. Also we had no other option for food but with their restaurant, Spice Market. Unfortunately for us, this was one of those times we didn’t pack our bags with snacks. We only brought nuts and a few pieces of fruits so we really had to eat at the restaurant, more on this on the link below.

Misibis Bay Review Part 2: The Food

Our flight was a bit delayed but I find flying in PAL better. As we arrived in Legazpi airport, we were stunned with the breathtaking and majestic Mayon Volcano. It was one of the best airports in the Philippines with such a scenic view.

We couldn’t help but take a few snaps. 🙂


The staff from Misibis Bay was already waiting in the arrival area – it was very convenient and soon we were then whisked away to our home for 3 days. The land travel was around 40-50 minutes from the airport. Prepare for a winding road. You may pop in some Bonamin if you get dizzy easily.

Upon arrival we had some welcome drinks!


Then we went to the reception to check in.



 We were supposed to stay at the Garden View but fortunately for us we were upgraded to the Premier Villa right beside the pool yay! 🙂

We had to ride a golf cart going to our villa, (I honestly thought it was very far from the reception area but it was just a 3 minute walk). Our excitement dipped a bit because the villa assigned to us wasn’t ready. Someone just checked out and the room was still a mess. Good thing that they responded immediately and the housekeeping just gave us a new room to stay in.

We were so happy with our accommodation! 🙂


The room was spacious, we had a lovely view of the pool outside which we had to ourselves on our first day!



We also had complimentary native bag and slippers.



The bathroom was pretty clean and tidy however you would already notice that this place has been around for quite some time as their walls and ceiling needed some minor repainting done. 🙂


Their bath essentials were all still from L’Occitane.

When it came to room service, they were relatively quick to respond.

TIP: Instead of buying mineral water, you can ask for a pitcher of water delivered to your room if you aren’t that queasy about service water.


We were pretty much satisfied with our hotel room especially that we got upgraded. It was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

We toured the place a bit and realized it wasn’t as big but it was still okay. What I liked about this place was the beach, it was really close to Boracay – relatively white sand, and the water was very clean! Plus it wasn’t too deep and it wasn’t cold!


There were 3 pools in Misibis Bay. The first was the infinity pool.


It was lovely to lounge around and read a book.


The second was this quite long pool near the villas. This was just right outside our room.

The third we just discovered on our last day. This was near the Garden View rooms. It was very small but it had a jacuzzi. Sorry wasn’t able to take a photo. 🙂

Generally we were glad to have availed of the promo. Though during those days there was  a company team building, the place still had some privacy. If you’d want to just relax and take time off from the busy city life and reflect, if you love swimming, this place is recommended. If you also have kids then this is a great place to enjoy since the pools weren’t deep and the garden is a nice place to run around. But if you’re the adventurous type and you’d want to have a variety of activities, this may not be so appealing.

At the end of the day, as a friend said and what my husband believes in whether the place may be exceptional or not, it’s just the same. What makes it special is the person / people you’re spending the place with. 🙂

Always a pleasure to spend it with my almost 24/7 companion, my lifetime travel buddy, my hubby 🙂