How to Apply for Japan tourist Visa in Manila

Since the Ramen craze in the Philippines, it has been my husband’s dream to taste the real thing in the land of the rising sun (and ramen), Japan.

Thankfully, Jason’s niece Steph goes to Japan every so often and we invited ourselves (hehehe) to join her when she goes back. Last year December 2015, we booked by faith to ย  Kansai hoping that nothing major would occur.

It is advisable to apply for visa 1-2 months before your actual trip. But we kind of “pushed” it a little bit due to a busy schedule, so we applied for visa in less than a month maybe 3 weeks before our actual trip.

We went toย RELI Tours & Travel Agencyย in SM Megamall to get the list of requirements.

The following requirements were needed:

  1. Philippine Passport
  2. Visa Application Form (to be provided for by Reli Tours and Travel Agency)
  3. Photo 2×2 (White background and it must be pasted on the application form)
  4. Birth Certificate (must be from PSA main office) – we paid P140 for this, this would take 1 week to release
  5. Birth Certificate from Local Civil Registrar (if birth certificate from PSA – Late Registration a. Baptismal Certificate b. School Record (Form 137) c. School Yearbook (if applicable)
  6. Marriage Contract (must be from PSA) – we paid P140 for this
  7. Daily Schedule in Japan
  8. Bank Certificate (must be issued within 3 months)
  9. ITR Copy
  10. Guarantee Letter – Embassy Format (if applicable)

#’s 5 and 10 weren’t applicable to us.

Our actual timeline for visa application:

October – Got the Visa requirements

October 17 – Applied for a copy of Birth Cert and Marriage Cert, Bank Cert

October 25 – Release of Birth Cert and Marriage Cert

November 2 – Had our 2×2 pics taken, Japan Visa application (paid P960)

November 4 – Received a text message to claim our passports

November 6 – Claimed our passports

November 24 – Trip

I remember there were 3 steps we took in applying for the visa as we entered the travel agency. We had to take a number and the first step was for the agency to check all our requirements. Second was for another person to cross check all the requirements. Third was for the payment. The whole process took us 1-2 hours. I thought they were going to have lunch break, but they didn’t.

It was relatively easy to apply for a Japan Visa and it was also hassle free as long as you provide all the requirements needed. No appointment is needed, you can just walk in to submit all your requirements. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some new applicants get multiple entry but as for us we got single entry. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know how this is determined but we’re just glad we got approved! Yay! On to our adventures on another entry. ๐Ÿ™‚


*Kindly note that I am not a representative of Reli Tours and Travel Agency and not an employee of the Japanese embassy. Please refer to the official websites for the official documents needed. This blog is based on experience only.