Life is…complicated but really, it is simple!


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-JASON- Do you find life complicated? I do! Growing up, I find it hard to answer life’s questions like… I. Personal Identity Who am I and who am I supposed to be? What’s the meaning and purpose of my life? … Continue reading

Summer Coaching at Mega Sports Camp


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-JASON, as a Skills Coach- Ministry, Sports and Children: Just a few of my favorite things and Mega Sports Camp (MSC) had them all! I remember when I was younger, I wanted to join MSC too, No, This is not the … Continue reading

Tastebudthrills x Project G (Life’s Basics)

Hi everyone! My food blog of 6 years is finally evolving… soon into Project G! Why? Because my husband will be co-writing with me! Exciting. 😀

Here it is! 🙂


Hi my name is Carlo Jason aka OJ. It came from the last letter of carlO and the first initial of Jason. 

My wife’s name is Gia aka tastebudthrills. 

We’ve known each other since 2006 and as a couple we are also known as GiaSon. 

As married couple, it is our desire to be together and partnering with my wife in her blog is part of our goal or project hence Project GiaSon or PrOJect G (for short) was born. 


What is Project G?

Project G is a collaborative effort of our passions and stories on what we feel are life’s basics namely:

1. Faith ????????
2. Family / Relationships ????????
3. Finance ????
4. Fitness
5. Fun Activities (food and traveling) ????

Life can get… complicated but we are on a journey to discover how to simplify, to go back to basics!

Join us in our adventure and we hope that our experiences will inspire and benefit you! <3

???? Tastebudthrills x Project G