Summer Coaching at Mega Sports Camp

-JASON, as a Skills Coach-

Ministry, Sports and Children: Just a few of my favorite things and Mega Sports Camp (MSC) had them all!

I remember when I was younger, I wanted to join MSC too, No, This is not the Mega Sports Camp of CCF this is only their 4th year. The MSC I was talking about is Milo Sports Camp. I never had the chance to join Milo Sports Camp. Instead, we were enrolled in a swimming camp in another MSC which is Marikina Sports Center. :p

But anyway Mega Sports Camp is a fusion event of sports and children ministry in CCF that teaches children from 6 – 13 years old about the fundamental of sports and basic biblical principles. 

This is a 5 day ministry event from 7am-11am held every summer vacation time to encourage children to learn sports and exercise the body, mind and spirit. 

MSC has a theme every year and a “mega” point for the day that is connected to the lesson. 

They also featured stories of top athletes for kids to learn and get inspired from. They also presented bible stories that supports the mega point which teaches values and life lessons.

This year’s theme is “conquer the day”. That comes from the verse, Rom 8:37 (NIV) 

“no, in all these we are more than conquerors through him (Jesus) who loved us.” 

There were 6 different sports for the kids to sign up. 

  1. Basketball ???? 
  2. Volleyball ???? 
  3. Soccer ⚽️ 
  4. MMA 
  5. Dance ???? 
  6. Fitness

We volunteered to be coaches in the Fitness for Kids. 

Mega Sports Camp (MSC) (1)

I volunteered as a skills coach and Gia was the the huddle coach. The skills coaches are assigned to assist the head coach during the sports session while the huddle coaches intentionally connects and teaches the kids assigned to them about the life values and lesson. 

Being exposed to sports in my younger years taught me the discipline of waking up early and working out the body even while we’re young.

Now that I’m older, I feel I have the opportunity to pay it forward and teach the younger generation the benefits of fitness and discipline.

It is also a wonderful opportunity for Gia and I. We’ve been married for 4 years and we’ve been praying, hoping and waiting to be blessed with our own children. And while waiting, what better way to wait than serving the Lord through Kids Ministry.

Mega Sports Camp is the perfect ministry for us. 

Yes, it was quite challenging in the beginning but it was a very fun and rewarding experience. 

We have to wake up 5am for 5 days and have our cardio and workout sessions. But seeing the kids having fun while learning how to be fit and teaching them valuable life lessons;  like… Practice with Purpose, Remember to Recharge and Skipping the Shortcuts makes it all worth it.

Mega Sports Camp (MSC)

I also have the opportunity to make new friends and get to know my fellow skills and huddle coaches and the best part of this is I get to serve and enjoy and experience mega sports camp with my wife, my fitness partner.

I am grateful to God for CCF, NxtGen, Coach Louie for giving us the honor and privilege to serve Mega Sports Camp this year and we are excited and looking forward to serve again next year.

-GIA, as a Huddle Coach-

It was my first time to disciple kids as a huddle coach and it was a wonderful experience. To be honest I was excited but scared at the same time because I might miss something that was mentioned in the briefing like things to give them or asking their parents to sign etc. or that I may not be able to handle them or address their questions. (I am struck by the Mega Verse In all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us all!) I was considering all these things and I was game face. xp

I was so poised to teach them but the truth was I was taught a lot by them.

I was assigned to handle 5 girls but later on they just turned out to be 4. As my first kid arrived she was all smiles and she didn’t seem scared or uneasy.  (Praise God!) She showed me her duck toy and she seemed excited to connect. Then the next girls arrived. I shared with them the gospel and all just needed assurance that God loves them. Whew.

It was pretty smooth the first day and I noticed the many different strengths and personalities of the kids assigned to me. True there are kids who are just like me and I would automatically be drawn to them because of familiarity. There are also some kids that are completely opposite to my personality and they would leave me baffled on how to handle them.

After which we had the fitness / exercises and then it was time to huddle again. During these huddle times I learned a lot from the kids. Coach Louie, the head coach of fitness asked the kids that just for 5 days they had to get off their ipads / tablets / phones and to focus on being healthy (physically, mentally and spiritually). Whenever it was huddle time, 1 kid voluntarily admits that she used her Ipad but just for 30 minutes. She asked me if she should admit it to Coach Louie, I said yes she should. I was touched by her innocence and honesty, and that she was ready to face the consequence or responsibility.

In these huddle times I was also caught unaware with their questions. :p But discipling these kids also allow me to come face to face to what I believe in stripping off the complexities if we were talking as adults.

Just answer the question. In the most basic, most simple way that you can. Some questions they asked were:

Why do people get married?

Why do we grow up to be this big when we started small?

If God is loving, why did He create Hell?

What’s in Hell?

Really valid and thought provoking questions. Really. Being a Toastmaster I thought I’m going to have it easy on answering impromptu questions. But these questions as simple as they may be searched my core!

As the days went by I saw how the kids grew closer to one another considering that they are a team, how to work together and not outdo one another. To focus on what they’re doing and not compare their work to other teams (during the games).

I also noticed that each child had a love language and Jason helped processed it with me. One was quality time (she enjoyed conversing), one was affirmation (when I notice her doing antics or being a responsible sister, she does it more), one was service (she was always asking me to open her water bottle). True enough the next day when I tried to communicate this with them especially the child whose love language is affirmation, she really shined!

It was so amazing to see a preview of how a family life can be like, in action! and we are really just so excited to where God will lead us. ????

There were also serious moments when the children told me their prayer requests.

I really learned a lot on the state of their hearts coming from their prayers. I know I’ve mentioned a lot but I want to remember these learnings later on when we look back at this entry.

  1. The kids absorb the parents emotions, they know what’s happening at home.
  2. Kids need to be respected and considered too.
  3. They have different love languages and we need discernment to identify it.
  4. The kids just want to please their parents.

I am thankful to God for sending these kids to me. I saw myself, where I am in my faith, my values in life, and my character. He was telling me this is how my faith should be, expectant, child-like, trusting, desiring to please Him, my Heavenly father.

I am grateful to God for this camp that reaches out to kids, for the hardworking volunteers and staff working for the glory of God, for Coach Louie our head coach for motivating us on what to do, for my husband on guiding me how to disciple the kids, for the kids who blessed me by sharing their lives even just for 5 days. I am going to miss them. :,) But hoping to see them in NxtGen or Kids Church!

Thank you Lord for this opportunity! ????

To God be all the Glory.

“In all these, we are more the conquerors through Him who loved us.”

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