To my dear husband, thank you for weathering seasons with me

To my husband of 5 years, my friend of 12 years, the father of my child, the love of my life,

This is it! We are now a family of 3. A dream we had longed for and prayed about. It was not what I imagined it to be at the start, but thank you for weathering that season with me. I knew it drew out the best and the worst in me. Yet I thank you for still choosing to be with the messy me.

Thank you for being strong when I was weak physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I could not forget how you treated me so gently after I gave birth when my wound was leaking horribly. How persistent you were in treating it, changing my gauze day and night for almost 10 weeks and kept strong while I was in tears. It probably changed how you saw me, with how awful that leak and the holes in my wound looked, but you weathered that season with me. How you comforted me when I had a meltdown (due to Greyson’s confinement, breastfeeding issues… but the trigger was that all my clean clothes were used up plus I had no more sanitary pads :p)┬áon my 7th day at the hospital . It was so silly but you did not laugh at me and you did your best to go as fast as you could to the convenience store. ­čÖé Thank you for being humble asking for help from friends to help us in this journey, it made things much easier to carry.

Thank you for having a bright disposition despite spending your birthday and first Father’s Day at the hospital as Greyson was confined due to fever. He was admitted again just 2 days of us going home after a 7 day stay at the hospital. It was so disheartening and devastating for me that Greyson had a sudden onset of fever that he may have a delayed infection. It could be threatening since he was a newborn. Plus it really entered my mind that we used to really celebrate your past birthdays. I felt so bad that it should have been nice to celebrate your first birthday and first Father’s day as a family with our loved ones and with good food. But you didn’t mind at all. You shrugged it off and bought Max’s chicken and pancit sa suking hospital restaurant with all smiles and a heart that trusted that everything was okay with Greyson. It turned out that everything was okay with Grey, praise God.


Thank you for being a good father to Greyson. When he first came out, you were so scared to hold him! But you eventually overcame your fear and carried him and you were able to master it before I did! You patiently gave and served Greyson to me multiple times a day so I could football hold him to feed him. I could not pick him up, nor lean forward for fear that it would aggravate the holes in my wound. You fed him while I was pumping because I was on antibiotics for days. Thank you for weathering that season with me. It was so exhausting for you taking care of baby, me, and the business. You were so exhausted it triggered your stomach problems. But you went through it all without complaining. Too bad even if you wanted to hide it, I saw how bad it was because you got sick to the stomach :p

Thank you for teaching me how to parent Greyson as we both navigate this new chapter. For studying him and sharing with me your new discoveries (whether it be how you rocked him to sleep, how to give him tummy time, sit ups etc.). For taking the night shift, standing up quickly when Greyson is finally awake and carrying him outside so he can get his daily dose of sunshine. Just thank you for being a good father. I didn’t have one growing up and I did not know how it looks like. I do know that God is real and I have experienced His goodness and faithfulness in many ways – how He loves us without condition, accepts us over and over when we fail, how He disciplines us, comforts us, secures us, been our rock and our shelter, how He answers our prayers according to His plan. But by becoming a good father to Greyson, God our father is more real to touch and to experience for me. I am coming to know God all the more not just because what this new chapter is teaching us, but also how I see you with Greyson and with me.


Thank you for pursuing me relentlessly to be your partner in everything – even things I don’t know about like business. You would always find ways to partner with me even if it meant us discussing a lot which leads to an argument at times. But at the end of everything you would still want me to be your partner. I would just like us to do our own thing sometimes. But you would not let it go and find things we could do together so we would always be together. Not that I don’t want us to be together, I enjoy your company so much it’s just that I’m afraid that I may not be able to do things on my own without you. Thank you for weathering my insecurities and doubts. Thank you for continuously weathering those with me.

Thank you for finding ways to provide for us and being generous to people. By God’s grace He has blessed the work of your hands and may He continue to bless the work of your hands. Thank you for modeling generosity to me. You got that from your mom and dad. I know it is hard to let hard earned money go but you trust that God is your provider and He is your shepherd, you shall not want. You have taught me that we cannot out give the giver. I pray that Greyson will get that from you among other (admirable) things I see in you.

Lastly, thank you for staying true to your word (so far:)) Many times I would like to quit but you would always fight for me. Thank you for keeping your promises – you said that parenting will be a challenge but it also would be the happiest. So far it is! It may be frustrating at times, scary and whatnots but you have been assuring me and not judging my honest thoughts and fears. It is the happiest because you have┬áseen me disheartened, maddened and back up.┬áSince we were young and now we’re a bit older, thank you for weathering the different seasons with me. I thank God that He has given me a complete family through you. Wherever you are, there my home is. Journeying with you, the gloomy seasons do not seem so dark and the sunny seasons seem brighter.