Blue Water Maribago in Cebu Review

Every year it has been our goal to travel at least once. The vacation we took was a plane ride to Cebu, our final rest and recreation before we become 3 in our family. 

Everything was smooth from the airport to the resort. 

I thought we wouldn’t push thru again because I recently had an upset stomach but praise God the illness left me before our trip. What’s nice about traveling when pregnant is we get privileges like getting to board first / go on the express lane, but we didn’t claim them.

I preferred to board last so I could still use the airport restroom before the flight.

Flight was on time in Cebu Pacific! We used the application GRAB to transport us from the airport to our chosen resort, Bluewater Maribago. It cost us around 200+ and the ride lasted around 20-30 minutes with light traffic.


As soon as we arrived at the resort, we were accommodated quickly and our room was ready to be occupied.

The room was spacious and it had very nice floating beds! What I liked most was the bath tub! It looked so heavenly. I couldn’t wait to lounge around and relax in this tub.

And with the tub on spotlight, it looked so inviting!! It was so relaxing here and soothing to my aching back.

They had 3 pools in Bluewater Maribago. This is the first one that will greet you and near the restaurants. We swam here most of the time since this was near our room. It was the busiest area among the 3 pools.



The second one was a bit hidden and near the parking lot. I think this was more kid friendly as there were more shallow areas. 🙂


The last was near the spa area, the smallest and the quietest area among the 3. It had comfy and nice lounging chairs though. 🙂


The sand and beach was man-made and it was shallow that a 5 foot 9 man can walk all the way to the other side. :p I didn’t accompany Jason as I wasn’t sure if I could walk all the way through with my big belly. There was nothing much to see daw though at the other side. But past the white sand are the water activities if you opt to do it. But as for us we were pretty much content with the other amenities.


There were about 3 restaurants at the resort. Allegro was their main and they would serve the buffet here. Since we arrived during lunch time, we were famished! So we went for their buffet. They had a huge selection of appetizers and desserts. They also had a noodle section, meat and fish on skewers, and various pickles. As for the main it was just a few but with the dessert table, you’d really just want to skip the main. :p







Every night they would have different themes for dinner. We went on our 2nd night which was Fiesta themed. They served lechon (not the bread!) among many other Filipino specialties.

Breakfast was not included in our room rate so we just ordered their set which was around 300-400 / meal.



The other restaurant – The Cove was a bit far off. This is where you could get to pick and eat the freshest catch.


That was what we just ate. :p We were the only diners here since the guests were mostly enjoying the buffet or dining outside the resort.

The last restaurant was Pizzeria Delfino’s. We got Arrabiata con Gamberi which was prawns in angel hair pasta and brick oven Margherita pizza. Everything was good here and it was a bit worth the splurge.



Overall our stay was satisfying. The room and tub was relaxing, the pool was not that deep for non-swimmers like me, the food selection was great and both the air and land trip wasn’t that stressful for a preggy me back then. It is conveniently located if you would want to escape Metro Manila (traffic and pollution) for a bit and get a whiff of the ocean breeze. We would probably come back when our baby is a bit older to enjoy a luxurious stay at Bluewater Maribago in Cebu. 🙂


Bluewater Maribago