Teaching Grey to identify letters

Jason and I love reading and we hope that Greyson would develop a love for reading too! Not just for any academic reasons but for fun and also to develop his imagination.

We are thankful that family and friends gifted us with these books.

Little did we know that it would lead him to learn to identify letters. We would find the animals and objects big and small. I feel

that from identifying objects to the smallest object in the book, he has learned to spot a letter. We started finding letter I from this book, since he started showing he can draw a line. I think that it would create a better connection from line to I to letter I,

Then from reading books over and over he started to identify letter O along with the circle shape, and just recently letter B at 22 months old.

I prefer a more structured approach like A,b,c. But he wasn’t responsive to this but with letter I and O he was. It really takes a lot of knowing your child and intentionality.

Some things that are working for us are

1. Reading the same simple board books with few words.

2. Pointing the words as I read

3. Having a poster of the alphabet (not sure if this is working though right now) but just exposing him to the letters often.

If this is what homeschool is all about I am enjoying this and I hope Greyson is too!